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Parts cleaning concentrates on one important aspect – the technical cleanliness. Today, this is an essential factor in the production process of components. The significance of industrial parts cleaning has largely increased in the past years. Dirt deposits and contamination frequently cannot be avoided during production. To satisfy the requirements of the subsequent processes, such contamination must be removed reliably. Such a problem is not easily solved, and requires expertise in cleaning processes. Rely on HOBART!


Controlled, reliable and highly efficient cleaning technology is necessary to ensure the quality and cleanliness of the parts that are to be cleaned.


Our effective HOBART parts cleaning systems remove unwanted particles and contamination films from the parts, so that the cleaned parts fully satisfy the residual contamination requirements of the automotive supplier and metal-processing industry. For many years, HOBART has been active in the field of parts cleaning, and can look back a long-term experience. Depending on geometry and number of parts, you can use the spray tunnel washer FUX or the chamber washing system UXTH.


We do not leave anything to chance. To ensure that customer-specific cleanliness and drying requirements are always satisfied, we perform a cleaning and drying test for each part in our technical centre. Please feel free to come to our test washing. We would be glad to invite you so that you can experience the machine quality, machine function and - of course - the result for yourself.



Due to the modular design of the FUX parts cleaning system, we can react specifically to your individual requirements for cleanliness, drying results or special conveyor systems. After the parts have been fed into the special transport systems, they are transported automatically through the system.


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The UXTH-IAS model is the ideal companion for low throughput in parts cleaning. The system can be used with up to 30 cleaning cycles per hour.


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Self Photos / Files - maschine-tunnel_360FIELDS OF APPLICATION:

  • Metal-processing industry
  • Moulded parts, drawn parts and punched parts
  • Metal degreasing
  • Machining (milling, turning, drilling, etc.)


  • Cleaning before assembly
  • Intermediate cleaning
  • Final cleaning
  • Cleaning before further (surface) treatment
  • Cleaning for maintenance


  • Different oils
  • Emulsions
  • Chips
  • Dust
Jeffrey Langer
Sales Manager Industrial Application Sales Eastern Europe
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Christian Lutz
Business Unit Manager Industrial Application Sales
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