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Hygiene in animal husbandry is an important factor for the health and well-being of the animals. Animal cages, racks and water bottles must be cleaned in a hygienically reliable and sterile way. In cage treatment, not only cages and cage lids, but also grating, bottles, sterilising containers and other equipment must be cleaned and treated.


The hood and front door washer as well as the tunnel and rack washer of the HOBART TKR series satisfy each demand with suitable solutions, developed on the basis of the customer requirements. Using innovative and patented HOBART technologies, our cleaning machines not only ensure optimum cleaning and drying results, but also significant reduction of your operating costs.


Benefit from our decades of experience! We would be pleased to support you in planning your cleaning processes. Feel free to jus contact our sales department in the TKR field.



Self Photos / Files - WWA_TKR_360pxAll cleaning systems of the HOBART TKR series satisfy AK-KAB requirements and their cleaning/drying and decontamination requirements, undergo regular inspection.


Fields of application

  • Animal husbandry
  • Research institutes
  • Laboratories


Wash ware

  • Cages (including lids and wire grids)
  • Water bottles
  • Racks



  • Bedding, excrements
  • Saliva and proteins



  • Disinfecting and cleaning
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Mario Nemes
Sales Support Industrial Application Sales
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Christian Lutz
Business Unit Manager Industrial Application Sales
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