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WastePro 1200



The WastePro 1200 not only reduces waste as much as 88%, but it can also save you more than $17,000 a year.

  • Reduces waste up to 88% in volume
  • Can save you more than $17,000 a year
  • Processes food waste, paper, plastic and Styrofoam®
  • Uses 66% less water than disposer
  • Closed-loop design reuses 95% of water
  • Processes from 1,250 to 3,000 lbs./hr


Configuring the WastePro for your operation.

Available as both a close-coupled unit and an engineered remote system, the WastePro offers the latest in solid-waste-processing technology with Hobart reliability. The close-coupled WastePro combines the pulper and the water press into one unit. The WastePro Remote separates the pulper and the water press, letting you locate the water press up to hundreds of yards away, usually closer to the dumpster.


Pulper Operations
1.Waste material is fed to the pulper through a trough or feed tray.
2.The waste material is drawn into the stainless steel cutter.
3.Then the waste material is ground into a slurry pulp.
4.The slurry is piped to the water press.
5.A gear-driven helical stainless steel screw conveyor processes teh slurry through the water-press screen.
6.Excess water is squeezed through the stainless steel screen.
7.The semi-dry pulp, which is an 88% reduction in volume, is fed to a trash container.
8.95% of the water is fed back to the trough/pulper by the return pump.

Close-Couple System
WPR 1200 Remote System
  • The  close-coupled vs. engineered remote model.
  • 1,250 lbs. per hour vs. 3,000 lbs. per hour.
  • Selecting the best system for your high-volume foodservice operation.



The Close-Coupled WastePro. The close-coupled WastePro combines the pulper and water press into a side-by-side unit. It’s available as either an undercounter model with a trough or freestanding with a combi-nation of feed tray and trough connection.



The WastePro Remote System. The engineered WastePro—the Remote System—separates the pulper from the water press. They can be hundreds of yards apart, even on separate floors. Like the close-coupled WastePro, the pulper can be configured as either an undercounter or freestanding. In fact, the WastePro is so flexible, it can even work with disposers, rerouting scrap (potato peels, seeds, etc.) to the pulper. You can have multiple pulpers connected to one or more water presses. In short, the WastePro can be engineered to fit virtually any kitchen’s needs, no matter how complex. Made for each other: our water presses and your dumpster. You can actually eliminate trips to the dumpster by having the chute discharge directly into the dumpster. No matter how you configure your remote system, you can greatly reduce security issues associated with waste disposal. Hobart can configure a system that will maximize your floor space and improve your dishroom’s cleanliness and productivity. The Hobart SWS40 Transfer Pump. A Hobart exclusive, the SWS40 transfer pump virtually eliminates the need for fresh water by pumping used dishwater directly from your warewasher to the pulper

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